Innovative Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Society

The AF & IET Host Web Seminar

Arun Majumdar - Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)

Arun Majumdar - Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA – The Automation Federation (AF) announces that—at the request of its member organization, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)—it will host a web seminar presented by Dr. Arun Majumdar, director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E). The web seminar, entitled, Innovative Energy Technologies for a Sustainable Society,” will take place on 4 May 2011 from 10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. EDT.


AF places great emphasis on communicating to automation professionals the importance of:

• The reliability of the electric grid to levels never thought possible
• Maintaining affordability of energy for consumers
• Renewable and traditional energy resources
• Reducing carbon footprints
• Allowing for advancements and efficiencies in energy

“At the global level, AF is committed to increasing the level of discussion about innovative energy technologies for a sustainable society,” said Leo Staples, Automation Federation energy committee chair.

ARPA-E is the Untied States’ only agency devoted to transformational energy research and development and has much to offer in the realm of energy technologies. As director of this agency, Dr. Majumdar will be able to provide a great deal of insight into what ARPA-E does and what it has discovered. During this web seminar, he will discuss topics, including:

• The need for innovation in energy technologies
• Reducing energy imports and energy-related emissions
• Improving the energy efficiency of all economic sectors
• Scientific ideas that capture what is technologically possible
• The history of ARPA-E and its plans for the future

Online registration (US $195 per site) is currently open and will remain open until 3 May 2011.

Register and learn more about this web seminar and Dr. Arun Majumdar online.

About ARPA-E
ARPA-E was established and charged with the following objectives:

  • To bring a freshness, excitement, and sense of mission to energy research that will attract many of the U.S.’s best and brightest minds—those of experienced scientists and engineers, and, especially, those of students and young researchers, including persons in the entrepreneurial world
  • To focus on creative “out-of-the-box” transformational energy research that industry by itself cannot or will not support due to its high risk but where success would provide dramatic benefits for the nation
  • To utilize an ARPA-like organization that is flat, nimble, and sparse, capable of sustaining for long periods of time those projects whose promise remains real, while phasing out programs that do not prove to be as promising as anticipated
  • To create a new tool to bridge the gap between basic energy research and development/industrial innovation

Visit for more information about ARPA-E.

About The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the world’s second largest professional body of engineers with 150,000 members in 127 countries. The IET aims to share and advance knowledge to promote science, engineering, and technology across the world. Visit the IET at

About the Automation Federation
The Automation Federation is a global umbrella organization under which member associations and societies engaged in manufacturing and process automation activities can work more effectively to fulfill their missions, advance the science and engineering of automation technologies and applications and develop the workforce needed to capitalize on the benefits of automation. The Automation Federation is working to become the “Voice of Automation.” For more information about the Automation Federation, visit

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