Fluids, Vol. 2, Pages 39: Interaction of the Longwave and Finite-Wavelength Instability Modes of Convection in a Horizontal Fluid Layer Confined between Two Fluid-Saturated Porous Layers

By Tatyana Lyubimova The onset of convection in a three-layer system consisting of two fluid-saturated porous layers separated by a homogeneous fluid layer is studied. It is shown that both a longwave convective regime developing in the whole system and a finite-wavelength regime of convection concentrated in the homogeneous fluid layer are possible. Due to the hydraulic resistance of the porous matrix, the flow intensity in the longwave convective regime is much lower than that in the finite-wavelength regime. Moreover, it grows at a much slower pace with the increase of the Grashof number. Because of that, the long-wave convective regime becomes unstable …read more

Source:: MDPI-Pubications


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