Our Mission: To provide free access to measurement and measurement device information on the Web in Industry & Science through human and machine searches and human analyses and contributions.

Site Focus: MeasurementMedia is focused on Meetings related to or involving Measurement, Measurement and Measurement Device Standards, Education, Publications & Professional/Technical Journals dealing with measurement plus related resources.

Site Practices: Visitors are encouraged to self-submit CFPs, Notices of new Publications, Education and Training Resources and Program Schedules, Standards, Webinars, Tutorials and White Papers.

Self-submitted articles and notices receive top priority in our daily news schedule. It is easy and simple using our Submit Page.

You may also email images for submitted articles to us at info@temperatures.com. Also, if you add that email address to your email notice lists and other, related email outputs they will be accorded second rank in our publishing priorities.

Site Policies: We retain the rights to edit or not accept any submission and do not accept any that are unrelated or are of questionable moral or legal content such as pornographic, links related to drugs or gambling or “Get Rich Schemes”.

Spam: Spammer inputs will cause the submitter to be banned permanently from ever viewing this site. We automatically record the IP address of all submitters and commenters. Automated spam input is diverted to the Web Honey Pot for  stickification and Web notification.

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