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Certified Energy Auditor Preparatory Training Program

June 6, August, 15, October 17 and November 14, 2011

Online —  An interactive program you can complete over the internet right from your computer, with two-way live audio via your telephone; 12 Hours of Instruction: Earns 1.2 CEU / 12 PDH

Now accepting registrations for program beginning June 6, August, 15, October 17 and November 14, 2011

Presented online in a series of five (four 2-1/2-hour and one 2-hour) time modules, this seminar is designed to provide the specific training and background needed by professionals preparing to sit for AEE’s Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) exam. Continue reading

New Web Microsite: www.chromatrap.com

Chromatrap™: Advancements in Epigenetics

Chromatrap™Online — ChIP Technology for Epigenetics website launched Porvair Filtration Group has launched a new web microsite www.chromatrap.com dedicated to providing detailed information on its ground breaking solid state Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) technology for the Epigenetics market.

The web microsite provides an informative background as to what ChIP technology is about and introduces the new solid state approach pioneered by researchers at Porvair Filtration Group.

Porvair’s new Chromatrap® Pro-A technology depends on a porous inert polymer called BioVyon™. Continue reading

CHN Microanalysis White Paper

A Key Technique for Sample Characterisation

data diagram

SAMPLE DATA of C9H11NO2: Benzocaine; Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate; 4-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester; Anesthesin

Coventry, UK & Chelmsford MA, USA —  A white paper written by Exeter Analytical describes how CHN microanalysis provides a powerful and straightforward method for determining whether a sample is pure – a key aspect of sample characterisation.

The paper discuss how by providing a precise and accurate analysis of the percentage Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in an organic sample – CHN microanalysis can compliment techniques such as Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometry, thus enhancing the reliability of your analytical results. Continue reading

Agilent Announces Automation Meeting

usermeeting Litlington,, UK & Santa Clara CA, USA —  Agilent Automation Solutions has announced that its 4th Automation User Group meeting that will take place in San Francisco, USA from September 20th – 22nd 2011. Early registration for the popular 3-day meeting is now open.

The 2011 agenda has been designed to feature information-rich technical talks, thought-provoking panel discussions, training sessions and informative workshops on the latest topical applications.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear presentations from industry-leading automation experts, and see the latest in automation applications in areas including Genomics, Protein Purification and High-Throughput Screening in action. Continue reading

WirelessHART Achieves Widespread Global Acceptance

International standard fulfills users’ requirements for simple, reliable and secure wireless communication in process measurement and control
w_hart_logoAustin TX, USA  – WirelessHART®, an evolutionary communication technology built on the solid foundation of the HART® Communication Protocol (www.hartcomm.org), is achieving widespread global acceptance among end users and suppliers throughout the process automation industry.

In just a few short years, WirelessHART has earned international standard status (IEC 62591Ed. 1.0, EN 62591) and has proven its ability to fulfill users’ requirements for simple, reliable and secure wireless communication in thousands of applications working in concert with millions of installed HART devices and systems worldwide.

“Enhancing the proven HART Protocol to include wireless communication capabilities greatly shortened the time required for industry acceptance,” says Ron Helson, Executive Director, HART Communication Foundation.

WirelessHART by design provides the same familiar ease of use and complements the HART instrumentation already installed in users’ plants. Its secure backward compatibility, interoperability and reliability make it easy for both users and suppliers to support wired and wireless devices connected to the same automation systems, operating side-by-side and using the same tools.” Continue reading


A 6-Hour Distance Learning Seminar Presented in three 2-hour live online sessions

aee seminar New Program Starts June 1 Earns 0.6 CEU / 6 PDH

You can participate in the seminar from your office, home, or anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone. You’ll have opportunities to interact with your instructor and colleagues in real time during the three live teleconferencing sessions.

It is specially designed to help you develop a systematic, process-driven approach to your energy program — one that integrates a sustainable, green energy plan into your organization’s overall business objectives, achieving results which will significantly improve economic performance.

You’ll have the opportunity to conduct an analysis of your organization’s current energy program based on the five basic areas of energy management. This process will lead you to the development of a “performance scorecard,” providing a snapshot of your current energy program and a clear picture of ways to improve it. Continue reading

New Research Cites Integrated Fluidic Circuit Technology…

Spring 2011 edition of the Fluidigm Corporation Community Newsletter now available online

www.fluidigm.comVillebon sur Yvette, France & So. San francisco CA, USA —  The Fluidigm Community Newsletter is a quarterly publication dedicated to providing  the most recent research, product updates, and news featuring Fluidigm integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) technology.

Each issue is dedicated to providing new information of interest including new products, applications and customer advances to researchers involved with gene expression, SNP genotyping and sample preparation for next generation sequencing.

In the Spring 2011 issue, researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, School of Medicine at Stanford University, USA, report upon how induced human pluripotent stem cells can differentiate into primordial germ cells under specific culture conditions. Continue reading

Human DNA Experiment Uses 200k Digital Array Chip

Software-generated composite heatmap Villebon sur Yvette, France & South San Francisco CA ,USA —  Fluidigm Europe has announced a new technical report that describes experimentation on a normal human genomic DNA sample using a prototype 200k Digital Array Chip on a modified BioMark™ System.

Fluidigm’s commercial Digital Array chips provide a flexible and robust platform to perform digital PCR and have been used in sample quantitation, rare mutation detection, haplotyping, and copy number variation studies.

The new 200k chip prototype is more powerful and enables an even more precise and accurate measurement of target copy number.

Two forms of commercial Digital Array chips are currently available, which have configurations known as 12.765 and 48.770 (with 9,180 and 36,960 reaction chambers each).

In this new report the authors show a prototype 200,000 chamber version of the Fluidigm Digital Array chip and demonstrate that the experimental process is further simplified and the copy numbers of two single copy genes (RnaseP and RPP30) can be measured at a much greater accuracy.

The BioMark HD system is the latest and most advanced real-time PCR system developed by Fluidigm. The system provides you with the ability to use a wide variety of sample types, multiple chemistry choices, and an industry leading degree of flexibility. Continue reading

Industry Experts to Lead General Session at ISA Automation Week 2011:

Technology and Solutions Event


Research Triangle Park NC, USA  – The International Society of Automation (ISA) announced today that leading industry experts, Charlie Cutler, Béla Lipták, Greg McMillan, Russ Rhinehart and Terry Tolliver will lead a 90–minute General Session entitled, “The Present and Future of Automation Worldwide” on 19 October 2011 at ISA Automation Week 2011: Technology and Solutions Event.

ISA Automation Week 2011 will take place at the Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center in Mobile, Alabama, USA on 17-20 October 2011. The General Session expert participants will share their knowledge that is essential for advancing the use of process automation and optimization.

Attendees will gain insights on the best existing practices and new possibilities for the use of process automation and optimization for improving individual unit operation performance and overall manufacturing efficiency and capacity.

The following key talks will be covered in the General Session: Continue reading

2011 ISA Directory of Automation

ISALogoHeaderResearch Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA – With the previous success of the ISA Directory of Automation, the International Society of Automation (ISA) is announcing the release of the 2011 edition of the online industry Directory.

The 2011 version of the ISA Directory of Automation, produced in collaboration with Irving, Texas-based MultiView, contains updated company and product listings, as well as the same features from previous editions.

The premier automation online ISA Directory gives ISA Members and non–members, worldwide a convenient tool to find the most cost-effective and efficient products and services the industry has to offer. Continue reading

AMSBIO Announces US Office…

AMSBIO LLC. to be at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in April, and the American Association of Immunologists Annual Meeting in May With AMSBIO

amsbio_logoAbingdon, UK & Lake Forest CA, USA  —  AMSBIO has announced, as of 31st March 2011, the opening of a new North American subsidiary company – AMSBIO LLC**.

After successfully selling innovative life science technologies, biotools and services directly to North American researchers, the new office will be a fully integrated entity supporting the AMSBIO product line with a dedicated sales and service facility in Orange County, California.

Commenting on this strategic move, Alex Sim (President, AMSBIO) said, “The US is the single largest market for our stem cell and regenerative medicine, lentivirus as well as tissue derived products and our North American customer base has been growing strongly over recent years.” Continue reading