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International Thermography Forum…

infraR&D 2011 | 6-7th April | Hannover, Germany

infraR&D Online — FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions has announced the program for infraR&D 2011 – its popular international conference for thermographers working in Research & Development, Industry and Automation.

Due to take place in Hannover, Germany (6-7th April) the goal of the 2011 event will be to provide a professional meeting place for scientists, engineers and users of high performance infrared measurement equipment.

Drawing upon its reputation for providing a forum for the latest thermography developments and applications advances from around the world – the organisers of InfraR&D 2011 have attracted an extensive program of presentations ranging from aerial infrared thermography through advanced NDT solutions to the role of thermal imaging in wildlife biology. Continue reading

Beginner's Guide to Optimizing Combustion of Fuels

Combustion_OptimizationOnline —  Twelve-page guide from ABB provides basic information for optimizing combustion to improve efficiency, lower environmental impact, and reduce downtime. The guide, available exclusively as a downloaded PDF, provides a guide  that users can apply this knowledge to:

  • Process heaters for increased throughput
  • Waste incinerators for waste throughput and environmental impact
  • Steam raising for power generation and various industries where fuel efficiency is important.

For this discussion the guide defines combustion as the oxidation of a fuel, mainly hydrocarbon, for the purpose of producing useful heat. It goes on to cover the optimum ratios of air and fuel to maximize efficiency for reduced operating costs and good emissions control.

Continue reading

iPhone/iPad App: Thermal Image Viewer

FLIR Viewer Wi-Fi Connectivity to Mobile Devices

ipad flir viewer

FLIR Viewer is an intuitive iPad®/iPhone®/iPod Touch® app for importing, analyzing, managing, and sharing thermal images that allows one to connect wirelessly to FLIR’s new T620, T640, and E-Series cameras.

Just download FLIR Viewer from the Apple Store and start experimenting with the preloaded infrared images.

Connect via Wi-Fi to a compatible FLIR camera and import stored or live thermal images to your mobile device instantly. Then use FLIR Viewer to add measurement spots and other data, adjust span and level, change palettes, and create and email reports. Continue reading

Endress+Hauser opens two new training facilities

New centers are in Mobile, Alabama, and Matthews, North Carolina.


Basic Instrumentation School

Endress+Hauser announces the opening of two new training centers, in Mobile, Alabama, and Matthews, North Carolina. The new centers teach fundamental, theoretical, and practical knowledge about instrumentation and application technology, with an emphasis on service and maintenance of the instrumentation.

Training is combined with hands-on experience.

While Endress+Hauser process instruments are used in these schools, the training is designed to address instrumentation in a generic fashion with emphasis on theory and technology, rather than product specifics.

All course attendees receive clear training materials and text, where applicable.  Each course consists of approximately 50%-60% lectures, presentations, oral and written exams, and 40%-50% hands-on training. Continue reading

Pharmaceutical Membrane Filter Validation Guide…

A new 24-page validation guide for Porvair Filtration Group’s Fluorofil™ membrane cartridges

Pharmaceutical Membrane Filter Validation Guide

Pharmaceutical Membrane Filter Validation Guide

Segensworth, UK & Ashland VA, USA —  Membrane filters play a critical role in providing sterile air and gases in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and containment applications. The filters must be proficient in removing airborne viruses (bacteriophage) and spores from large volumes of moist air/gas streams over prolonged periods.

This validation guide describes the results of testing Fluorofil™ cartridges under the approved protocol ASTM F838-05, a rigorous test for evaluating the bacterial retention characteristics of membrane filters used to sterilise liquids.

The test data confirmed that standard production Fluorofil™ filter cartridges will retain very high challenge levels of the industry standard test organism Brevundimonas diminuta. Continue reading

Pittcon Smartphone App

Launched in Time For Pittcon 2011

pittcon app bannerPittsburgh PA, USA — The Pittcon 2011 Marketing Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its official Conference and Exposition Smartphone App, Pittcon 2011.” The complimentary app will include complete event information such as the Technical Program, exhibitor listing, Short Courses, and local area and conference related maps.

The Pittcon 2011 app will be available for use on Androids, Blackberrys, iPhones, and iPod Touches with access before, during, and after the Conference.

Attendees will be able to build their agendas, network with their colleagues, send tweets, and receive regular conference updates. (QR Code Below). Continue reading

NEW ABB brochure describes Aztec analyzers

For online monitoring of potable water

Aztec 600 Colorimetric Range--Water Quality Analyzers

Aztec 600 Colorimetric Range--Water Quality Analyzers

Warminster PA, USA  —  Eight-page, full-color, illustrated brochure from ABB describes new Aztec 600 colorimetric analyzers for potable water applications.

According to the brochure, the Aztec range of compact analyzers provides all the advanced features that a water treatment plant requires. Additionally, the analyzers are simple to install, operate and maintain.

The brochure notes that these analyzers combine proven and patented “wet technology” with the advanced electronic platform of ABB’s ScreenMaster data recorders.

The analyzers provide online monitoring of aluminum, iron and manganese. Continue reading

Microplate Chemical Compatibility Reference Guide…

Chemical Compatability ChartLeatherhead, UK —  Porvair Sciences has announced a reference guide for scientists that details the chemical compatibility of materials used in microplates to a wide range of common laboratory chemicals.

Downloadable direct from the Porvair Sciences website* the easy-to-use reference guide describes the compatibility of different microplate matrices and membranes to a wide range of acids, alcohols, bases, esters, hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones and other chemicals.

Chemical compatibility data for each material, based upon tests performed at room temperature is listed as ‘suitable’, ‘ok for medium term use’ or ‘unsuitable‘. Continue reading

White Paper: Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution?

Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution ?Chesham, UK — Specialist Lens Design & Manufacture Resolve Optics has published a new white paper entitled ‘Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution?’ that compares the benefits to organisations of sourcing ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses with specialist lenses that meet the exact needs of their application.

Available as a downloadable pdf document from the Resolve Optics website the white paper discusses how, driven by financial considerations, organisations sometimes seek to incorporate ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses and lens systems in the design of their products.

However adopting an ‘off-the-shelf’ lens strategy also necessitates accepting compromises that typically result in poorer performance, restricted applications capability, a bulkier less attractive product and having little control over security of lens supply compared to a bespoke lens design. Continue reading

Video Explains Benefits of Custom Optics

Resolve Optics Video

Chesham, UK —  An online streaming video from Resolve Optics Ltd. explains the benefits of custom versus off-the-shelf optics and brings the company’s internationally renowned specialist OEM lens design and manufacture service ‘to life’ in a powerful live visual format.

Accessible from the homepage of Resolve Optics, the new video provides an informative introduction to designing and producing a specialist lens or optical system and the expertise and experience that Resolve Optics Ltd. brings to the process.

As the technical requirements of camera, sensor and instrument manufacturers has increased so  has the proportion of applications that cannot be solved by incorporating an ‘off-the-shelf’ lens into the design. Continue reading

Optimising, Adjusting & Controlling Evaporation Methods

Genevac announces its Winter 2010 Technical eNewsletter…

Ipswich, UK —  Accessible as an Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) download,  the main feature of the new issue focuses upon how to optimise, adjust and control methods on modern centrifugal evaporators.

Also in this edition the phenomenon known as “cryopumping” (where a condenser removes vapour from the evaporator chamber to maintain the vacuum level, thereby enabling more vapour to be removed) is discussed.

Focusing purely on technical and applications issues of interest to users of evaporation, concentration and lyophilisation equipment the Genevac eNewsletter is circulated via e-mail 5 times per year. Continue reading