New application brief on an automated cell viability workstation

BenchCel® plate handling systemMelbourn, UK & Menlo Park CA, USA —Velocity11 has released a new application brief describing an automated cell viability workstation based upon a combination of their Bravo™ liquid handler, BenchCel® plate handling system and the CellTiter-Glo® kit from Promega.

The automated cell viability workstation is shown to provide a reliable, efficient solution for analysing cell viability.

Using the described protocol up to 65 plates can be run without user intervention. The typical throughput for the described set-up was found to be about 3 hours for 50 plates, depending on exact protocol and liquid handling steps.

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'Dirty Bomb' Detector Developer Vidiation LLC Launches New Web Site

LAKE ZURICH IL, USA –(BUSINESS WIRE)–In anticipation of its first product launch at the upcoming ASIS International Show in Las Vegas, September 24-26, 2007,Vidiation today launched its new Web site,

It was announced by Gordon Bingham, vice president, marketing.

The homeland security technology company is rolling out its software-based “dirty bomb” detection solution, Vidiation –– Radiation Analytics Detection System, or V-RADS™. The V-RADS solution is a revolutionary, proven gamma radiation detection technology that identifies radioactive materials by analyzing streams of surveillance video.

“This is an innovative, ‘next-generation’ radiation detection technology, and there is quite a bit of information to impart in order to build a framework of understanding for our solution,” said Mr. Bingham. “As a new technology –– really, a new dimension in the radiation detection field –– we must present not only the anti-terrorism role of Vidiation technology, but educate our target audiences as to the research and development process for V-RADS, the exacting testing and quantifiable results we found and what it means to our partners and end-users of our solution.”

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Life Scientists Celebrate Ten Years Online

The Science Advisory Board LOGOARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Science Advisory Board, an online community of more than 34,000 scientists, celebrates its ten-year anniversary — making it one of the most enduring social networks on the Web.

The Science Advisory Board is a division of BioInformatics, LLC, a research and advisory firm serving more than 300 clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, IT, scientific publishing and finance industries.

“We take great pride in reaching this significant milestone,” said Bill Kelly, President of BioInformatics, LLC. “Long before anyone used the phrase ‘Web 2.0’, we were leveraging the Internet to deliver online professional networking services to life science researchers.”

The Science Advisory Board Website was launched in September 1997 with the goal of helping bridge the gap between the manufacturers and end-users of instruments, products and services used in advanced biological research and drug discovery.
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New DigiPyro™ is World’s First Digital Quad-Element Pyrodetector, Providing Improved EMI Immunity and Built-In Temperature Reference Channel
DigiPyro productNuremberg, Germany – SENSOR + TEST 2007 – Booth # 7 / 265 – PerkinElmer Optoelectronics , a leader in digital imaging, specialty lighting and optical detection technologies, today announced the introduction of the newest product in the DigiPyro family of digital pyroelectric infrared sensors, the DigiPyro™ Triple Channel, PYQ 2898.

DigiPyro products are utilized in a range of home and industrial motion detection applications including intrusion alarm, motion-activated light switches, and door openers.

The DigiPyro Triple Channel, PYQ 2898 is the world’s first pyrodetector with a quad- element design with three channels; two pairs of elements representing two channels and an additional temperature reference channel, thereby allowing for more information to be provided to the hosting microprocessor.

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NCSL International Announces Internship Programs

Metrology Internship Programs: Posting and Search Functions Added to Website

Boulder,CO, USA — NCSL International (NCSLI) has announced that member organizations can now post their available internship programs on the NCSL International website (

This is a wonderful resource tool for students seeking internship opportunities in the field of metrology and are free to search the site for available postings.

NCSL International’s Metrology Education and Training Outreach sub-committee (164.1) can be thanked for creating and implementing this new service. The sub-committee’s newly created charter was designed to develop and support initiatives and programs supporting the study and training of metrology globally.

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RIT's New Training Programs for Print Industry

Seminars in color printing fundamentals, process control and predictable color proofing

Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester NY, USA — Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)—building on the overwhelming success of its new methodology for achieving consistent, repeatable color package printing—has developed industry education training programs on this revolutionary engineered approach.

RIT is offering three new training seminars, in which print industry employees can optimize, standardize and control print production workflows in their own companies. Faculty in RIT’s School of Print Media along with staff in RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory will lead the educational programs that range from the basic to advanced level.

The seminars were developed following a three-year research project for ExxonMobil Corp. in which Robert Chung, Gravure Research Professor in RIT’s School of Print Media, and researchers from RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory, identified the key steps necessary for consistent color in package printing, as well as tools for efficient production. RIT unveiled the repeatable and predictable color methodology at a symposium in November.

A number of case studies described how RIT successfully extended the methodology from press laboratories to commercial settings.

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Gizmocall Offers Free Calling to 150 Countries

Gizmo Call is the Simplest Way to Make Free Calls Worldwide from a Web Browser
Gizmo a Free Phone for Your Computer SAN DIEGO CA, USA –(BUSINESS WIRE)–SIPphone Inc., the makers of Gizmo Project, announced today the launch of its web-based VoIP product Gizmo Call, located at

Gizmo Call lets people call any type of landline or mobile, anywhere in the world, from any web browser, for free. No traditional software download and installation is required, just a simple, lightweight Adobe Flash plug-in that works with a web browser. No registration or account setup is required.

Gizmo Call makes it easier than ever to make free long distance calls. It’s an online service that people can use from any web browser. Gizmo Call is a fantastic solution for users calling from internet cafés, kiosks, traveling laptops, as well as from home and work computers. It’s possible to even make calls simply by typing a number into a field in a browser. Users can use urls like:

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