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resolveopticspr144-imageChesham, UK — Resolve Optics has published** the Spring 2017 issue of ‘Lens Innovation – its popular newsletter dedicated to addressing topical subjects, technological developments, interesting applications and breaking news involving optics and optical systems.

In this new issue of ‘Lens Innovation‘ the technology forum discusses the challenges faced in designing high performance lenses for the latest generation of megapixel cameras and sensors.

For applications that are subject to temperature fluctuations, it is important to develop an optical system that is insensitive to thermal change in the surrounding environment to avoid system defocus.

The Information Guidelines feature explains different approaches to optical athermalisation.

If you are using a standard lens in areas where there is radiation, in weeks or a few months you will lose your image.

The Viewpoint feature addresses what should you consider before selecting a lens for an application subject to radiation.

Monitoring in the depths of the oceans places great demands on all camera system components. Case Study describes how a leading European camera manufacturer turned to Resolve Optics for a compact HD lens that fitted their requirements.

The Spring 2017 issue also provides an introduction to the new Model 357 radiation resistant HD zoom lens and describes how this new lens is providing engineers with a clearer safe view of their nuclear reprocessing plant.

To read or download a copy of the Spring 2017 Newsletter please visit **.

Resolve Optics Ltd. is a knowledgeable, dynamic company focused upon innovative design, and manufacture of production quantities of lenses and lens systems on time to strict quality and target price guidelines. The company has the proven and rare capability to produce small quantities of high performance, mounted lens systems with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic and broadcast TV lenses.

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Some Upcoming Measurement & Control Expos

From the Monitor – ISSN 1472-0221

The Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition and Control – Issue 225, May 2017

Here’s part of the short list of international professional meetings & expositions on the topics of Measurement & Control published in the Monitor e-newsletter by Windmill Software Ltd.

The Engineering Testing Show

2 June 2017
Derby UK
Sensors, instrumentation, data acquisition and metrology show.

Africa Automation Fair

6-8 June 2017
Johannesburg South Africa
A platform for the Automation and Control Industry

Quality Expo + Automation Technology

13-15 June 2017
New York USA
Themes include sensors and smart manufacturing.


14-16 June 2017
Bogota Colombia
Exhibition on industrial automation and plant instrumentation.

Automation Expo

9-12 August 2017
Mumbai India
South-East Asia’s largest automation and instrumentation exhibition.


9-6 September 2017
Taipei Taiwan
Industrial automation and robots exhibition.

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Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation

Neil deGrasse Tyson & have a word or two for Global Warming deniers

Skeptics vigorously criticise any evidence that supports man-made global warming and yet embrace any argument, op-ed, blog or study that purports to refute global warming. This website gets skeptical about global warming skepticism. Do their arguments have any scientific basis? What does the peer reviewed scientific literature say?

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Sea Level Change | NASA Publications & Citations

Publications from 1962 to 2017

Lack of measurement standards holding back digital ads

This is news, we think(?) – perhaps the access to details is

Screen Shot KANTAR_logoOnline — An article with the above title by Jane Bainbridge was recently posted on ResearchLive.

It begins:

UK – The advertising industry must find a way of measuring performance accurately and consistently to avoid clients pulling their spend according to Kantar Media research.

In an international study into consumer and industry attitudes toward advertising, Kantar Media found that without consistent metrics across traditional and digital channels, brands risk losing their legitimacy.

The article references the Kantar website “Dimension” ( study for many details and, by providing your details, they offer to let you download the full report of their survey.

And the beat goes on…..Who believes who?

World Metrology Day – 20 May

Measurements for Transport

World Metrology Day - 20 MayOnline — The theme for World Metrology Day 2017 is Measurements for transport. This theme was chosen because transport plays such a key role in the modern world.

We not only move ourselves, but also the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the goods we use and rely on, not forgetting the raw materials they are made from.

Doing so safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental impact requires an astonishing range of measurements.

Indeed more widely metrology, the science of measurement, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment. Continue reading

The Physics Hypertextbook

©1998–2017 Glenn Elert — Author, Illustrator, Webmaster

The Physics Hypertextbook™ is an online resource that aims to present all the information about the fundamentals of Physics, often with commentary. All  physics is divided into five major books. within this online book, along with links to many other resources.

  1. Mechanics (8 chapters, 59 sections)
  2. Thermal Physics (4 chapters, 18 sections)
  3. Waves and Optics (4 chapters, 23 sections)
  4. Electricity and Magnetism (8 chapters, 31 sections)
  5. Modern Physics (5 chapters, 25 sections)

Supplementary sections on units and mathematics as well as reference material are gathered into a sixth book.

The seventh “book” in the table of contents is just a collection of links to affiliated webpages, websites, and services — most of which Glenn Elert also manages.

  • Foundations (6 chapters, 21 sections)
  • More (5 chapters, 17 sections)

Each section is divided into five pages (except the sections that contain only reference material).

Special colors are used whenever a word or phrase is explained for the first time.

Primary concepts are highlighted in bright red, secondary concepts in dark red, and important persons in blue.

The Physics Hypertextbook™ is the intellectual property of Glenn Elert who is solely responsible for its content. No person or organization besides the author played any part in its creation (except where explicitly stated). You can view, copy, and reproduce any part of this work for non-commercial purposes as described in the fair use clause of United States Copyright Law.

It’s worth a visit, in our opinion. Check it out at:

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JF-2016_COVERFree Web Seminars – Enjoy unlimited, free access to a library of more than 80 online pre-recorded web seminars covering today’s hottest automation topics.

  • Automation Standards – ISA has published more than 150 standards, recommended practices, and technical reports through the dedicated efforts of a network of industry experts. As an ISA member, you can view ISA standards online, free of charge, for your personal use.  Listed IEC documents are not available for free viewing and cannot be purchased with your Standards Redemption Coupon.
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  • Technical Library – You’ll have access to unlimited downloads of ISA’s library of more than 5,500 technical papers published at ISA conferences and symposia
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There’s more, much more…

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By becoming an ISA member, you’ll benefit-in technical knowledge, career and skills development, shared experiences and successes, and lasting friendship and belonging-from an association that has represented the needs and interests of automation and control professionals since its inception in 1945.

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The International Society of Automation ( is a nonprofit professional association that sets the standard for those who apply engineering and technology to improve the management, safety, and cybersecurity of modern automation and control systems used across industry and critical infrastructure. Founded in 1945, ISA develops widely used global standards; certifies industry professionals; provides education and training; publishes books and technical articles; hosts conferences and exhibits; and provides networking and career development programs for its 40,000 members and 400,000 customers around the world.

ISA owns, a leading online publisher of automation-related content, and is the founding sponsor of The Automation Federation (, an association of non-profit organizations serving as “The Voice of Automation.” Through a wholly owned subsidiary, ISA bridges the gap between standards and their implementation with the ISA Security Compliance Institute ( and the ISA Wireless Compliance Institute (

Calibration Guides and Technical Guides


euramet.orgOnline  —  EURAMET has published multiple calibration guides intended to improve harmonisation in the calibration of measuring instruments.

All guides can be downloaded as a pdf version.

A list of former versions of calibration guides and the differences between versions can be found here

No. 2 | Calibration of Gauge Block Comparators | TC-L| Version 2.0, 03/2011
No. 3 | Calibration of Pressure Balances | TC-M | Version 1.0, 03/2011
No. 4 | Uncertainty of Force Measurements | TC-M | Version 2.0, 03/2011
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“Online Measurement Is a Mess…”

Says Former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile | Mr. Haile joined the latest episode of the WSJ Media Mix podcast

From the Wall Street Journal: By Jack Marshall
Nov. 16, 2016 4:21 p.m. ET

For publishers and media companies, measuring audiences online was supposed to be easy compared with “legacy” media such as print and TV.

But as online publishers grapple with a growing array of digital platforms and channels, it turns out tracking audiences size and engagement across them all isn’t that simple.

“It’s still a bit of a mess really,” said Tony Haile, the former CEO of online analytics company Chartbeat, during this week’s WSJ Media Mix podcast.

“The most interesting thing to me is whether platforms are going to have to be brought into line with each other,” he said. “Up until now platforms have been able to just say these are the numbers, and everybody has trusted them.”

Read the full story at:

Ed Note: Echos from 2010 in our article: