Worldflow Monitoring Service

News, Reports & Data for Instrumentation Marketeers

worldflowworldOnline — The Worldflow Monitoring Service is a package of resources designed to serve the information needs of flowmeter and instrumentation manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

Each component offers timely data, meaningful news, and insightful commentary on the markets it covers.

Each complements and updates the studies that Flow Research regularly conducts in the same markets, and keeps readers informed of events and trends in their industry.

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Ultimate Calibration: A Review

A publication of Beamex Oy Ab, (Requests received at

Beamex-ultimate-calibration-coverUltimate Calibration is a powerful little hard cover book. Only 173 pages in a convenient 7 3/4 “ x 9 3/4” size, it is published privately, in English by Beamex Oy Ab, a calibration product and services organization in Finland.

It is well written and edited, clearly for two types of readers.

  • The first are managers who may be responsible for a manufacturing or maintenance organization related to processing a product, and
  • The second are the workers who are charged with carrying out the needed steps to insure the processing plant instruments work properly and may be new to the disciplines of calibration.

It is divided into three distinct sections. The focus throughout is on the what, why and how of calibration of process sensors, signal transmitters and measuring instrumentation.

Part One basically asks and answers the questions: Why & How do we calibrate?

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