The Physics Hypertextbook

©1998–2017 Glenn Elert — Author, Illustrator, Webmaster

The Physics Hypertextbook™ is an online resource that aims to present all the information about the fundamentals of Physics, often with commentary. All  physics is divided into five major books. within this online book, along with links to many other resources.

  1. Mechanics (8 chapters, 59 sections)
  2. Thermal Physics (4 chapters, 18 sections)
  3. Waves and Optics (4 chapters, 23 sections)
  4. Electricity and Magnetism (8 chapters, 31 sections)
  5. Modern Physics (5 chapters, 25 sections)

Supplementary sections on units and mathematics as well as reference material are gathered into a sixth book.

The seventh “book” in the table of contents is just a collection of links to affiliated webpages, websites, and services — most of which Glenn Elert also manages.

  • Foundations (6 chapters, 21 sections)
  • More (5 chapters, 17 sections)

Each section is divided into five pages (except the sections that contain only reference material).

Special colors are used whenever a word or phrase is explained for the first time.

Primary concepts are highlighted in bright red, secondary concepts in dark red, and important persons in blue.

The Physics Hypertextbook™ is the intellectual property of Glenn Elert who is solely responsible for its content. No person or organization besides the author played any part in its creation (except where explicitly stated). You can view, copy, and reproduce any part of this work for non-commercial purposes as described in the fair use clause of United States Copyright Law.

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