What is this site?
It is strictly a news website focusing on news of publications, meetings, standards, education & training in industry & science areas that relate to measurement and practices of measurement technologies.

Where do we get our news?
News comes from many sources both on and off the Web. Visitors are welcome to submit their own news items at no cost, too, in fact they are encouraged.

Submitted news stories have the top priority in the news queue since they save time for the Editorial staff.

To submit a news or PR story (post) click on the “Submissions” here or at the link at the top of the page. A new page with a submission form will appear.

The rest is straightforward.

PR stories are limited to a maximum frequency of one per week, unless there is a significant issue that warrants more frequent publishing

There is no requirement to register.

We reserve the right to edit or delete all entries. They are all reviewed!

How is this site different than other sites in The MeasurementMedia Network division of Temperatures.com, Inc in Southampton Pennsylvania, USA.

It took over the media news function from MeasurementDevices.com years ago, because the latter has grown into a large news site with the media portion getting second shrift. Now this site has matured and recently undergone an overhaul to make it easier to navigate and for you to find what you seek in the archives of more than 2200 media-related stories and meetings details.

MeasurementDevices.com focus was sharpened to deal with new developments and applications of Measurement technologies and new of suppliers and technical resources for those interested in measuring instruments and sensors. It has grown far beyond our expectations.

The Future

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome and appreciated and comment boxes are available on all articles.

Thank you for visiting.

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